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DJ Jedi, Getting 'Green' for Open Mic Night

In the parlance of the electronic music world, Los Angeles-based DJ Jedi (a.k.a. Terrence Cedricks) is a "turntablist" -- an "old-school" type who uses a turntable not only to seamlessly mix music samples with beats, but as an instrument in and of itself.

He's built a reputation for his eclectic choice of samples, matched to supple, unexpected rhythms and a complete mastery of the "scratch." He's currently on a two-year world tour in support of a reunited Digable Planets, but when he's home he returns to the same coffee house for his usual Monday night gig -- Green at the UnUrban Cafe in Santa Monica.

With the help of regulars MC Rat Pack Slim, resident "beat-boxer" Joshua Silverstein and DJ MikeCheck, DJ Jedi presides over probably the most vibrant open-mic venues on the West Coast.

Like a lot of electronic musicians, DJ Jedi is quiet and reserved behind his twin turntables -- his friends say he let his hands do the talking.

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Taylor-Brittany Ford