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After Hurricane Dorian Passes Florida, People Return Their Generators and Other Storm Supplies

A returned generator. Photo: Danielle Prieur

As the last remnants of Hurricane Dorian left Central Florida, some residents were returning generators they bought before the storm. 

Customers at Home Depot on Alafaya Trail had returned about twenty generators. 

Vladimir Rodionov said he didn’t use his generator. Plus, he says it wasn’t in his budget. 

“It’s too expensive for me. When I was buying [mine], there was only one option this one. But maybe I’ll buy something else.”

He says Hurricane Dorian wasn’t his first hurricane in Florida, but as it was predicted to be a Cat 5 storm it was the first time he considered buying a generator.

Behind him Hin Pham and his wife were browsing the returned generators. They ended up buying a new generator, their first in the 25 years they’ve lived in Florida. 

Generators start to pile up by 12 noon yesterday. Photo: Danielle Prieur

Pham said that’s because they used to live in a house with a pool that they could use for water if they lost power but that’s changed after a move.

“But now we moved to a new house. We don’t want a pool. So we need the generator to power the well so that we can use the well for showers and cooking.”

He says now they have the generator ready for the next storm and it has a bonus feature which his wife requested: a carbon monoxide detector. 

Hurricane Dorian caused several thousand power outages throughout Florida.

Seven people in the Bahamas were killed by the hurricane and officials expect that number to rise. 

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