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‘Back The Blue’ Rally Planned For Downtown Tampa

Supporters of law enforcement will gather in downtown Tampa Saturday.  

Kelli Campbell, one of the organizers, says it’s not a counter protest to Black Lives Matter demonstrations.  

“It’s not about anger. It’s not about hate. It’s not about taking one side or another about on any sort of stand. It’s just supporting,” she said.  

Campbell says she’s seen low morale among law enforcement first-hand. Her son-in-law is a police officer. 

It’s not clear how many people will attend. A Facebook invite shows more than 600 people are “interested” in the event.

Demonstrators will march to Tampa Police District 1 headquarters at 3818 W. Tampa Bay Blvd, starting at 11 a.m. 

Another round of Black Lives Matter protests is scheduled for later in the day Saturday.

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