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Crack Open Season Two Of The Zest With Fresh Florida Oysters

Jessica Meszaros
Florida oysters

Welcome to season two of The Zest podcast! We're starting off with a trip to Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve, at the mouth of Tampa Bay, to sample some Florida oysters. WUSF reporter Jessica Meszaros takes a boat ride with Brian Rosseger, owner of Lost Coast Oyster Company, to his floating oyster farm. "There is an agricultural revolution that's happening right now," Rosseger says. "And it's happening in the oceans."

A new episode of The Zestdrops every Thursday. Coming up this season, you’ll meet interesting chefs, restaurant owners, farmers, cookbook authors, and much more. You’ll hear from people like Toni Tipton Martin, who has a new cookbook on African-American cuisine; and Chef Rene Valenzuela, founder of Taco Bus. We’ll have tips from the experts on cooking barbeque, baking sourdough bread and growing your own food in the Sunshine State.

Citrus, seafood, Spanish flavor and southern charm: we’re all about food in Florida!

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