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Young woman poses for a picture in front of blurred trees.

Ella Hackett

WUSF-USF Zimmerman Rush Family Digital News editor

My passion for journalism began while sitting in an auditorium in high school, listening to Tim Crothers talk about his experience covering a story that is now widely known as "Queen of Katwe."

He said something that has stuck with me for eight years now — "Had I not gone to cover that story, it would have remained untold. No one would have heard it."

I want to be a journalist because there are magnificent lives being lived, and those stories should be known.

I am now a graduate student and instructional assistant at the University of South Florida, pursuing a master's in mass communications with a concentration in media literacy and analytics. My life consists of research, teaching, content editing, and a lot of learning. I wouldn't have it any other way.

My research and topic interests include gender representation in media, lifestyle journalism, and environmental coverage.

In my small bit of free time as a grad student, you will probably find me somewhere listening to live music: specifically, a Grateful Dead cover band. I might even sneak in an art project or try to find a nice hike or visit a nature preserve.