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WUSF’s fresh new program schedule brings bright young producers, new diverse voices, old favorites, great storytelling and remarkable journalism throughout the week and on the weekend.

A message from our Program Director, Sheila Rue

Sheila Rue, WUSF Program Director

I want to share some very exciting news about upcoming program changes on WUSF 89.7. The weekday changes are designed to bring you more live news throughout the day.

I’m thrilled to announce 1A WITH JENN WHITE, will now be live Monday through Friday from 10am to noon.

We’ll be airing HERE AND NOW, a new show on WUSF 89.7, live 1-3pm weekdays. The 3 co-hosts reflect the world of news as it’s happening in the middle of the day with breaking news, thoughtful interviews, timely and smart discussions with newsmakers.

ON POINT host MEGHNA CHAKRABARTI is reimagining the show as a one-hour, deep dive into today’s most consequential issues – and is the perfect top-off to our weekday news lineup – from 8-9pm.

WUSF is changing up the weekend with programs that bring bright young producers, new diverse voices, old favorites, great storytelling and remarkable journalism both Saturday and Sunday.


Snap Judgment
Sound Opinions
Fresh Air Weekend

THE MOTH, SNAP JUDGMENT, SOUND OPINIONS and FRESH AIR WEEKEND are moving to new time slots; paired with more complimentary companion programs; and provide the storytelling and respite we need on the weekend.


latino usa02
ted radio hour
Freakonomics Radio
Here and Now

LATINO USA, TED RADIO HOUR, FREAKONOMICS RADIO and REVEAL will join our fresh, new schedule with diverse content, insight, and inspiration to help us learn more about the world we live in.

With these changes, WUSF 89.7 will be able to bring you the information you’re looking for as unprecedented events are changing the lives of so many in our community due to the pandemic, politics and social justice protests. Every program has been carefully chosen with you in mind, as we bring you news and information to help you navigate your way through each and every day.

I wanted to be sure you knew – first – of these important and exciting updates. For complete information on all the changes, FAQ’s, new schedule and on-demand listening options, please see below.

I hope you listen and keep in touch. And I thank you for making everything we do here at WUSF possible.

With gratitude,
Your Program Director
Sheila Rue

Check out this exclusive interview with WUSF Program Director, Sheila Rue, speaking with Host of 1A, Jenn White.


These changes are in response to trends in audience listening and the current news cycle: the pandemic, the politics, and the social justice protests that are changing the lives of so many in our community. The new programs will better serve you throughout each day with breaking news, timely newsmaker discussions, more diverse content, and moments of respite and reflection.

MONDAY-FRIDAY: The new Monday-to-Friday program lineup brings you 11 hours of live news programming throughout the day, while continuing the thoughtful analysis and compelling stories you have come to expect from WUSF.  This includes adding one new program and shifting around a few of our existing shows.

WEEKENDS: Weekends feature new programs that reflect the diversity of our region, provide fresh new content, and strengthen the storytelling respite we look for on the weekends.

Long-time favorite, LIVE FROM HERE WITH CHRIS THILE has been discontinued, and Chris and the crew have ventured off to new beginnings!

We expect the new lineup will meet your high expectations – for quality programming, journalism, civil discourse and the kind of great storytelling that you count on from public radio and WUSF.


1A WITH JENN WHITE now airs live 10am to noon.

HERE AND NOW (new show) is added to the schedule, live 1-3pm.



THE MOTH now airs 1-2pm Saturday.

SNAP JUDGMENT now airs 2-3pm Saturday.

LATINO USA (new show) added to the schedule, 6-7pm Saturday.

SOUND OPINIONS now airs 7-8pm Saturday.

TED RADIO HOUR (new show) added to the schedule 12-1pm Sunday.

FREAKONOMICS (new show) added to the schedule 1-2pm Sunday.

FRESH AIR WEEKEND now airs 3-4pm Sunday.

The changes begin Monday, September 21st and are as follows in chronological order:


1A is moving (from 1-3pm) and now airs 10am to noon, following the live broadcast of BBC Newshour. Host Jenn White will now be live with two-hours of national conversation on the important issues of the day. You can participate by sharing your thoughts through social media, by texting, or by leaving a voice mail

Here and Now is a new show on WUSF 89.7 that airs 1 to 3pm following Fresh Air. Hosts Jeremy Hobson, Robin Young and Tonya Mosley bring you two hours of live news, thoughtful interviews and compelling stories driven by reporters from our partners at NPR and from public media reporters across the country.

On Point is moving (from 10am to noon) to 8 to 9pm. Producers are reimagining the show as a one-hour, deep dive into today’s most consequential issues.  This a perfect way to top off the day. Meghna Chakrabarti and David Folkenflik continue in the host chair.

Q with Tom Power (8-9pm) will no longer air on WUSF.  Like you, we are fans and appreciate the amazing conversations, music and insight into pop culture that Tom Power brought each weeknight.  This move is in response to changes in our nation and our region that can help us better navigate today’s news cycle.  Tom Power and his staff are superstars in Canada and around the country in America – and we wish them the very best.

Can I still hear Q with Tom Power?

Yes – you can listen to Q with Tom Power online at this link:


The Moth (formerly 3 to 4pm Sunday) moves its unique blend of curated storytelling to 1 to 2pm, right after This American Life. The Moth celebrates the ability of true, personal storytelling to illuminate both the diversity and commonality of the human experience that we all share.

Snap Judgment (formerly 1 to 2pm Saturday) moves to 2 to 3pm. Host Glynn Washington takes you on a narrative Deejay-driven musical journey that drops listeners into the very heart of what matters. This American Life, The Moth and Snap Judgment together form a powerful bloc of intriguing storytelling and wonderful moments of reflection to entertain and inform.

Latino USA (NEW) is a one-hour program that airs 6 to 7pm, following Weekend All Things Considered. Host Maria Hinojosa explores the diversity of the American experience with stories often overlooked by mainstream media.

Sound Opinions (formerly 2 to 3pm Saturday) moves to 7 to 8pm. Hosts Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis interview artists, discuss pop culture and review new music plus old favorites – and you can join the discussion. Sound Opinions is followed by Jazz Night in America at 8pm and WUSF’s All Night Jazz at 9pm. Saturday night is made for music on WUS


TED Radio Hour (NEW) airs 12 to 1pm, following Radiolab. Host Manoush Zomorodi explores a big idea through a series of TED Talks and original interviews, inspiring you to learn more about our world. The TED Radio Hour tackles the biggest questions of our time with the help of the world’s greatest thinkers.

Freakonomics Radio (NEW) airs 1 to 2pm, following the TED Radio Hour. Host Stephen J. Dubner talks to Nobel laureates, provocateurs, and entrepreneurs. Freakonomics Radio combined with TED Radio Hour are smart, entertaining programs that will stimulate your curiosity.

Fresh Air Weekend (formerly 4 to 5pm Saturday) moves to 3 to 4pm Sunday, following The Splendid Table. Host Terry Gross brings you all that you love about Fresh Air — tailored for your weekend listening.  In this new timeslot, WUSF will occasionally pre-empt Fresh Air Weekend to air special documentary programs.

Live From Here with Chris Thile has been discontinued.  This brings to an end a signature, public radio, weekend, nationwide, listening event!  We wish Chris Thile and the staff the best of luck in their new adventures, and thank them for all they brought to us.

Can I still hear Live From Here with Chris Thile?

For now, previous episodes can be found at this link:

The ON POINT producers have reimagined the program and have dropped the second hour.  Meghna will now focus one hour on a deep-dive into today’s most important issues.  It was a scheduling decision to keep our morning LIVE from 10am-noon – which is why we moved 1A with Jenn White into that timeslot.  It was also very important we keep ON POINT on the air – so we are topping off our weekday core news lineup at 8pm.

We agree that 1A in the afternoon was a great choice.  But the show has always been LIVE from 10am to noon.  We have been taping it and airing it later.  With the ever-changing news cycle we live in, and with an election just months away, we felt our morning lineup needed to be as strong as possible.  1A with Jenn White – live from 10am to noon – gives you better programming, ready with breaking news, more immediate updates, and a chance to participate in a national dialogue that was not available when the show was recorded and rebroadcast each day.

When LIVE FROM HERE WITH CHRIS THILE ceased production we had an opportunity to add new programs, and refresh our weekend lineup. That meant keeping, but shifting around some of our existing programs.

THE MOTH + SNAP JUDGMENT paired with THIS AMERICAN LIFE are overall better timeslots, with better companion programs – strengthening the storytelling and reflection time we all need on the weekend.  We now have a combination of investigative, live performance, unscripted, and highly produced stories that are signature to public radio.

SOUND OPINIONS moved to Saturday evening to make way for our afternoon storytelling bloc of programs, and we felt it was important to keep on the air.  The combination of conversation, old + new reflections, and a deep dive into music is a wonderful lead-in to a night of jazz on WUSF.


No further changes are planned at this time. However, WUSF is constantly reviewing its program lineup, listening to new shows, and assessing the needs of our audience. Our goal is to provide you with creative, entertaining, responsive, educational and trustworthy programming. Our audience will always come first and will be notified of changes to the schedule.

Sheila Rue, Program Director at srue@wusf.org
Jose Luis Jimenez, Assistant Program Director at jljimenez@wusf.org
Our Membership Staff is happy to assist you at memberservices@wusf.org
And you can call us at 800-741-9090


If you prefer to still hear these programs on your schedule, please check out these on-demand links below:

The Moth
Snap Judgment
Sound Opinions
Fresh Air Weekend
Latino USA
Ted Radio Hour
Freakonomics Radio