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The Bahamas Remain Resilient. Hear Stories Of Survival And Hope Post-Hurricane Dorian.

On the Thursday, Sept. 5 episode of Sundial:

Bahamian Residents Share Their Experience

The situation in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian remains dire. As of Thursday afternoon, at least 20 people had been reported dead and many more injured. The number is expected to continue to increase as aid groups continue moving on the grounds. Sun-Sentinel reporter Andrew Boryga has been reporting on Hurricane Dorian’s aftermath. On Sundial, he spoke with host Luis Hernandez about a man he met who survived the storm.

Local Lawmakers And Organizers Share How To Help The Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian has had a catastrophic effect on the Bahamas. The experience was traumatic for those who survived the storm,  with winds howling at close to 200 miles per hour at some times and torrential rain for multiple days. Broward County Rep. Shevrin Jones has been actively working with groups like the one run by community activist Valencia Gunder to gather supplies and send to the island. Rep. Jones has also been advocating for the waive of some visa requirements for Bahamians impacted by Dorian. This would allow them to seek refuge in the U.S. Rep. Jones and Gunder joined Sundial to talk about how people can contribute and support the relief and recovery efforts.

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The Bahamas Is Still Open For Business

Hurricane Dorian smashed its way over Grand Bahama, the northernmost island, as Category 5. Joy Jibrilu, the Director General of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation,  has been gathering donations and supplies to send to her northern friends. She joined Sundial from the Nassau command center to talk about the early stages of rebounding from the devastation caused by Dorian.

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