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Modern Notebook for April 28, 2024

Composer Andrew Noseworthy.
Photo credit: Chloe Kendell.
Composer Andrew Noseworthy.

On the next Modern Notebook with Tyler Kline: States of discord: like struggle, disagreement, dispute, and division - is the subject matter of Clarice Assad’s “CLASH.” Composed between 2020 and 2021, the music responds to what was, for many, a turbulent period of health crises, the collapse of the economy, political turmoil, and more.

Then, it’s a work by Andrew Noseworthy for cello and electronics that draws on elements of shoe gaze music. Titled “GomL_V7FinalMix_LessVox_MoreVerb_Dec13_MASTERED_48k24b_FINAL.wav,” it’s music that cloaks quiet acoustic gestures behind a thick, almost-My-Blood-Valentine-esque foreground of bit-crushed cello.

Plus pieces by Liam Taylor-West, Nicolas Lell Benavides, Mary Watkins, Eduardo Costa Roldan, Clara Allison, Kezia Yap, Doug Bielmeier, and others; and performances by violinists Lucia Lin and Shaw Pong Liu, pianist Sarah Chaill, bandoneon soloist Julien Labro with Takacs Quartet, Kukuruz Quartet, violinist Flora Wong, cellist India Gailey, Unheard-of//Ensemble, and more.

That’s Sunday night from 8 to 10 ET on Classical WSMR 89.1 and 103.9. Available the next day at modernnotebook.org.

Hour 1

Turning Points by Liam Taylor-West.

Nicolas Lell Benavides’ Cuates.

Summer Days by Mary Watkins.

Clarice Assad’s Clash.

Tríptico by Eduardo Costa Roldán.

David Liptak’s The Sacred Harp.

Suspension I by Ellis Ludwig-Leone.

Hour 2

In My Body (The Room That Will Outlive Us) by Clara Allison.

Kezia Yap’s conversation in the mountains.

GomL_V7FinalMix_LessVox_MoreVerb_Dec13_MASTERED_48k24b_FINAL.wav by Andrew Noseworthy.

Doug Bielmeier’s Corporate Responsibility Pledge.

Strings to the Bone by Sebastian Fagerlund.

Each week, Tyler Kline journeys into new territory and demystifies the music of living composers on Modern Notebook. Listen for a wide variety of exciting music that engages and inspires, along with the stories behind each piece and the latest releases from today’s contemporary classical artists. Discover what’s in store on Modern Notebook.

Tyler Kline is a composer whose music has been performed across the United States, and internationally in Canada, Brazil and Romania. His compositional interests encompass a wide variety of styles and mediums, from acoustic chamber and large ensemble works to electronic and electroacoustic music. A native of Kentucky, he earned his Master of Music degree in Composition from the University of South Florida. Learn more at tylerklinemusic.com.