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A Digital Film Studio on Prime S.F. Real Estate

Day to Day technology contributor Xeni Jardin reports on Star Wars director George Lucas' new home for creating films, the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco.

The new high-tech moviemaking complex is located on prime real estate at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, formerly a military installation called the Presidio.

The complex -- actually a "campus" of offices and studios -- signals that there is life after Star Wars for Lucas, who helped to spark the digital film revolution with the creation of the Industrial Light and Magic digital effects house.

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Xeni Jardin
Xeni Jardin can be heard on NPR’s Day to Day, offering technology insights for listeners nationwide. Jardin is also a contributing writer for Wired Magazine, as well as a tech culture journalist and co-editor of the collaborative weblog BoingBoing.net, the award-winning "Directory of Wonderful Things."