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Orlando Health strikes a deal with UnitedHealthcare, retaining 70,000 patients in-network

Orlando Regional Medical Center.
Orlando Health
Orlando Health's multiyear agreement keeps more than 70,000 in-network patients with UnitedHealthcare plans covered.

The multiyear agreement was reached just before the deadline. According to UnitedHealthcare, negotiations stalled due to a disagreement over Medicare Advantage and Medicaid contracts.

Orlando Health was able to come to a multiyear agreement with health insurance giant UnitedHealthcare just before an early Tuesday deadline, keeping patients under in-network coverage.

Orlando Health's senior vice president, Michele Napier, released a statement Tuesday morning stating the hospital was pleased to announce it had struck a deal.

"Throughout this process, we remained focused on trying to ensure that patients who choose Orlando Health for their medical needs continued to have access to comprehensive, convenient, high-quality health care services whether they were in-patient or outpatient," Napier said. "We were also committed to reaching an agreement that was fair to all patients, whether they are on a commercial or individual plan, Medicare or Medicaid."

The organizations were negotiating a deal to prevent over 70,000 patients of people from losing coverage.

In a statement, UnitedHealthcare said the agreement "ensures continued, uninterrupted access to Orlando Health for people enrolled in UnitedHealthcare employer-sponsored, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans as well as our Veteran Affairs Community Care Network (VACCN).

"Our top priority throughout this process was ensuring the people and families we serve throughout Central Florida have access to quality, affordable care. This new agreement helps accomplish that goal."

According to UnitedHealthcare, negotiations stalled due to a disagreement over Medicare Advantage and Medicaid contracts.

In a statement, UnitedHealthcare placed the blame on Orlando Health.

"Orlando Health refused and is putting some of its most vulnerable patients in the middle of our negotiation presumably in an attempt to use them as leverage so we give into the double-digit price hike demands they’re seeking for our commercial plan," United said.

Had the organizations not come to an agreement by Tuesday, in-network coverage for thousands of patients would have been lost at the start of August.

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