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Voting 101: Answering Your Questions About The Florida Elections

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Mary Shedden
WUSF Public Media

We’ll answer your questions during The State We're In Facebook Live event on Oct. 19.

Voting’s no longer as simple as showing up at a polling place and making a few selections.

Now, there are mail-in ballots, early voting locations and in-person precinct voting on Election Day. In Florida, different rules apply for each. And they also are affected by the safety precautions needed in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Adding to the stress: the 2020 General Election ballot in most counties is several pages long, with a myriad of proposed constitutional amendments as well as a slew of candidates vying for city councils, school boards and so on.

It’s OK for voters to feel unsure about the process or to have questions they may not be comfortable asking out loud.

We’re here to help.

Here’s a quick form to let you ask your questions. We’ll ask for your email – but don’t worry – you’ll remain anonymous.

We’re planning to address them during a Facebook Live on The State We’re In, Oct. 19 at 7 p.m. [Click here to join the event]

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