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Tallahassee faith and civic leaders call for compassion to Haitians

A person wearing a suit speaks in front of a podium with microphones, with other people in formal attire around them.
Margie Menzel
Rev. R.B. Holmes leads a press conference at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

The group is asking Congress for financial aid for Haiti and for Temporary Protected Status for Haitians in the United States.

A group of Tallahassee’s faith and civic leaders is calling for compassion for the people of Haiti. Since the island has fallen under the domination of highly-armed gangs, its people have been murdered, terrorized and deprived of basic needs.

Governor Ron DeSantis has sent more than 250 officers and troops to the southern coast of Florida to “stop illegal immigration at sea.”

But Pastor Latricia Edwards Scriven of Saint Paul's United Methodist Church in Tallahassee wants Florida to welcome those fleeing Haiti. She wants Governor Ron DeSantis to…

“...lead with humanity and to refrain from politicizing this crisis and threatening to relocate those who are seeking help and fleeing persecution and needing a place of safety.”

Leon County Commission Chair Carolyn Cummings is calling for mercy instead.

“We must be compassionate to those who are fleeing Haiti for the safety of themselves and their children," she said. "We are asking Governor DeSantis and our cities and counties in Florida to embrace those who are seeking refuge in our state.”

The group gathered at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church to ask Congress for financial aid for Haiti and for temporary, protected status for Haitians in the United States.

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Margie Menzel