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‘Stand Your Ground’ Among Bills Sent To Scott

Florida Capitol Building in Tallahassee.
Florida Capitol Building in Tallahassee.

The Florida Senate on Monday sent to Gov. Rick Scott the remaining 24 Senate bills passed during the 2017 session, including a major higher-education package and legislation to revamp part of the “stand your ground” self-defense law.

The House on Monday sent the governor one bill (HB 5501), which Scott has announced he will veto since it cuts funding to and

Scott and lawmakers have agreed on a plan to increase funding for economic-development and tourism programs as part of a three-day special session that will begin Wednesday. The Senate bills include a measure (SB 374) that would require state universities to develop block tuition plans and create a new board to oversee the 28 state colleges. Another bill (SB 128) would shift a key burden of proof from defendants to prosecutors in “stand your ground” cases.

Another Senate bill (SB 7022) includes $184 million for pay raises for state employees and modifies the state pension process for public workers. Scott will have until June 20 to act on the bills he received Monday. Another 69 House bills have yet to be sent to the governor.

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