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Publix says its signature scales may someday become extinct, and social media wasn't happy about it

Publix scale in store
Carl Lisciandrello
WUSF Public Media
Publix announced in an August 2021 Facebook post that its signature scale could someday become extinct.

An August Facebook post from the grocer has gone viral as news reports about the down-the-line demise of the scales surfaced this week.

A nearly 4-month-old Facebook post now has caught the attention of weight-watching shoppers.

News outlets across Florida this week picked up on a note Publix posted on its Facebook post back on Aug. 19, which says its signature scales may become a thing of the past.

The reason?

The manufacturer, Mettler Toledo, quit producing the scales in 2015.

The scales have been a fixture in the stores since George Jenkins opened his first Publix supermarket in Winter Haven in 1940.

And while Publix posted that "our wonderful repair shop keeps our remaining machines in great shape," there will come a time when they will no longer be able to be repaired and will be pulled from store floors.

The news drew quite a bit of reaction on social media from some nostalgic folks who remember first climbing on the bulky scales as a child — and continue to do so.

Not to worry though...yet. There's no indication the scales are going away anytime soon — as long as they continue to work.

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