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Lakewood Ranch Weathers Economic Storms

Lakewood Ranch

This story originally published on Nov. 19, 2019

This week on Florida Matters, we take a look into the development of Lakewood Ranch. 

We learn how a parcel of land the roughly the size of Manhattan turned into a new community just off Interstate 75 in Manatee and Sarasota counties.

Host Robin Sussingham has a one-on-one conversation with Rex Jensen, president and CEO of Schroeder -Manatee Ranch. 

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Jensen discusses the patience, planning and strategy it took to develop and finance the top-ranked multi-generational community in the nation, according to one study

"If you want look at the success in Lakewood Ranch, that lies in how it has been financed.  We have weathered a lot of economic storms over the 2 1/2 decades" Jensen said.

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Christy Oshana is the Producer for Florida Matters, WUSF Public Media’s public affairs show.
Robin Sussingham was Senior Editor at WUSF until September 2020.