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What you need to know about the 2020 elections across the greater Tampa Bay region.

2020 Elections: How Tampa Bay Voted In State Senate, House Races

Chris Sprowls
Florida House of Representatives
Chris Sprowls

Here are the results for the Florida Senate and House of Representatives races across the greater Tampa Bay region.

Republican voters in the greater Tampa Bay area did their part to help the party maintain control of the Legislature, with Chris Sprowls of Pinellas County already slated to be speaker of the House.

MORE: Results From The Florida Division Of Elections

Sprowls, the former assistant state attorney, retained his District 65 seat, beating Democrat Kelly Johnson. He has represented the district, which covers north Pinellas, 2014.

Other local GOP winners in the House included Republicans Jackie Toledo, in Hillsborough’s District 60, Linda Chaney in Pinellas’ District 69 and Fiona McFarland in Sarasota’s District 72.

Andrew Learned kept Hillsborough District 59 in Democrat hands with a narrow win over Republican Michael Owen, 51 to 49 percent.

In the state Senate, Republican Joe Gruters, a Sarasota CPA, retained his District 23 seat with 57 percent of the vote, defeating Democrat Katherine Norman. District 23 covers Sarasota and parts of Charlotte counties.

Gruters won the seat in a special election two years ago after Greg Steube resigned to run for Congress.

Danny Burgess, R-Zephyrhills, topped Democrat Kathy Lewis in District 20, which covers portions of Pasco, Hillsborough and Polk; and Jim Boyd, R-Bradenton gained 61 percent of the vote against Anthony "Tony" Eldon in in District 21, which represents east Hillsborough and Manatee.

The other local Senate seat, for District 19, was retained by Tampa Democrat Darryl Rouson, who cruised by no-party candidate Christina Paylan. He represents south Hillsborough and parts of Pinellas.

Sprowls and designated Senate President Wilton Simpson, who represents the 10th district (Citrus, Hernando, Pasco), gives the Bay area a large voice in the upcoming session.

State Senate

(In districts serving the greater Tampa Bay area)

District 19

Paylan, Christina (NPA)— 31.32%

Rouson, Darryl Ervin (DEM) — *Incumbent- 68.68%

District 21

Boyd, Jim (REP)— 61.13%

Eldon, Anthony “Tony” DEM-- 38.87%

District 23

Gruters, Joe (REP) *Incumbent- 57.4%

Kaplan, Robert (NPA)- 2.01%

Norman, Katherine (DEM)- 40.6%

State House of Representatives

District 32

Dukes, Stephanie L. (DEM) — 44.25%

Sabatini, Anthony (REP) *Incumbent — 55.75%

District 33

Hage, Brett T. (REP) *Incumbent- 70.44%

Melvin, Mamie "Dee" (DEM)- 29.56%

District 34

Gosai, Dushyant Jethagir (DEM)- 24.87%

Massullo Jr, Ralph E. (REP) *Incumbent- 75.13%

District 35

Ingoglia, Blaise (REP) *Incumbent- 64.40%

Laufenberg, Keith G. (DEM)- 35.60%

District 36

Endonino, Daniel (DEM)- 36.55%

Mariano, Amber (REP) *Incumbent- 63.45%

District 37

Garcia, Tammy (DEM)- 37.10%

Zika, Ardian (REP) *Incumbent- 62.90%

District 38

Maggard, Randy (REP) *Incumbent- 58.72%

Staver, Brian (DEM)- 41.28%

District 39

Cause, Chris (DEM)- 37.58%

Tomkow, Josie (REP) *Incumbent- 62.42%

District 40

Barrow, Jan (DEM) -- 39.58%

Burton, Colleen (REP) *Incumbent -- 57.00%

Michie, Emily (NPA) -- 3.42%

District 41

Killebrew, Sam (REP) *Incumbent -- 53.55%

West, Jared (DEM) -- 46.45%

District 42

Cady, Barbara Ann (DEM) — 44.95%

Hawkins, Fred (REP) — 51.96%

Sanchez, Leroy (NPA) — 3.09%

District 55

Hensley, Jacob (WRI) — .13%

Tripp, Linda (DEM) — 31.75%

Tuck, Kaylee (REP) — 68.12%

District 56

Bell, Melony (REP) *Incumbent -- 67.5%

Davis, James (DEM) -- 32.5%

District 57

Beltran, Mike (REP) *Incumbent -- 54.48%

Hottenstein, Scott "Mr. H" (DEM) -- 45.52%

District 58

McClure, Lawrence (REP) *Incumbent -- 55.85%

Townsend Jr, Cleo L. "CL" (DEM) -- 44.15%

District 59

Learned, Andrew (DEM) -- 50.62%

Owen, Michael (REP) -- 49.38%

District 60

Jenkins, Julie (DEM) -- 45.68%

Toledo, Jackie (REP) *Incumbent -- 54.32%

District 61

Hart, Dianne "Ms. Dee" (DEM) *Incumbent - won

District 62

Rodriguez-Person, Laurie (NPA) -- 4.74%

Urbina Capo, Angel S. (REP) -- 37.72%

Valdes, Susan L. (DEM) *Incumbent -- 57.54%

District 63

Driskell, Fentrice (DEM) *Incumbent - won

District 64

Koster, Traci (REP)-- 55.73%

Harrington, Jessica (DEM)-- 44.27%

District 65

Johnson, Kelly (DEM)-- 38.85%

Sprowls, Chris (REP) *Incumbent-- 61.15%

District 66

DiCeglie, Nick (REP) *Incumbent-- 58.58%

Plantamura, Patricia M. (DEM)-- 41.42%

District 67

Douglas, Dawn (DEM)-- 42.94%

Latvala, Chris (REP) *Incumbent-- 57.06%

District 68

Diamond, Ben (DEM) *Incumbent-- 53.84%

Tito, Matt (REP)-- 46.16%

District 69

Chaney, Linda (REP)-- 52.38%

Webb, Jennifer N. (DEM) *Incumbent-- 47.62%

District 70

Rayner, Michele K. (DEM) -- won

District 71

Mele, Andy (DEM)-- 42.07%

Robinson, Will (REP) *Incumbent-- 57.93%

District 72

Buckman, Drake (DEM)-- 45.33%

McFarland, Fiona (REP)-- 54.67%

District 73

Fairey, David Reeves (DEM) -- 35.66%

Gregory, Tommy (REP) *Incumbent -- 64.36%

District 74

Buchanan, James (REP) *Incumbent-- 61.99%

Stortstrom, Lisa (DEM)-- 38.01%

County By County Results

Pasco |Hillsborough |Manatee |Sarasota |Pinellas |Polk |Hernando |Citrus |Sumter| Highlands |DeSoto |Charlotte |Hardee