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What you need to know about the 2020 elections across the greater Tampa Bay region.

Hillsborough Election Results: Chronister, Other Incumbents Win Their Races

Chad Chronister at a podium
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister

Here are the 2020 Hillsborough County election results.

Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren and Sheriff Chad Chronister appear to have both easily won re-election, according to unofficial results from the county Supervisor of Elections Office.

Warren, a Democrat, has earned 53 percent of the vote in his race against Republican opponent Mike Perotti, who is a lawyer for the sheriff’s office.

Chronister, a Republican, will likely defeat Democratic challenger Gary Pruitt for a second time with just under 55 percent of the vote. Independent candidate Ron McMullen also ran in that race.

Chronister told Spectrum Bay News 9 he thinks his policies have a broader appeal.

"I think it's not about just being tough on crime," Chronister said. "We can be tough when we need to, but it's about being smart on crime. Helping to rehabilitate individuals, focusing on mental health, drug addiction, hiring a workforce that's more reflective of the community we serve. I think there's a lot of reasons that we get this crossover bipartisan support because partisan politics has no role when it comes to keeping us and our relatives safe."

Meanwhile, Darryl Rouson won re-election in Florida Senate's District 19, while incumbent state representatives Mike Beltran, Lawrence McClure, Jackie Toledo and Susan Valdes will return to office.

Supervisor of Elections Craig Latimer says results are not finalized until 12 days after the election.

Unofficial turnout figures for the county show 76.57 percent of registered voters participated in this election, several points higher than the 2016, 2012 and 2008 elections.

Vote-by-mail nearly doubled since 2016, while voting at the polls on election day went down.

Democrats voted more than Republicans and independents in Hillsborough overall, but the latter two groups turned out in higher numbers on Election Day.





State Senate

District 19

Paylan, Christina (NPA)- 31.32%

Rouson, Darryl Ervin (DEM) *Incumbent- 68.68%

District 21

Boyd, Jim (REP)- 61.13%

Eldon, Anthony “Tony” DEM- 38.87%

State House Of Representatives

District 57

Beltran, Mike (REP) *Incumbent -- 54.48%

Hottenstein, Scott "Mr. H" (DEM) -- 45.52%

District 58

McClure, Lawrence (REP) *Incumbent -- 55.85%

Townsend Jr, Cleo L. "CL" (DEM) -- 44.15%

District 59

Learned, Andrew (DEM) -- 50.62%

Owen, Michael (REP) -- 49.38%

District 60

Jenkinds, Julie (DEM) -- 45.68%

Toledo, Jackie (REP) *Incumbent -- 54.32%

District 62

Rodriguez-Person, Laurie (NPA) -- 4.74%

Urbina Capo, Angel S. (REP) -- 37.75%

Valdes, Susan L. (DEM) *Incumbent -- 57.51%

District 64

Koster, Traci (REP)-- 55.13%

Harrington, Jessica (DEM)-- 44.87%

Hillsborough County Races

State Attorney

Warren, Andrew --53.31%

Perotti, Mike -- 46.69%

Hillsborough County Sheriff

Chad Chronister (REP) -- 54.87%

Gary Pruitt (DEM) -- 35.84%

Ron McMullen (NPA) -9.29%

County By County Results

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