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Sanders, Obama, Trump Campaigning In Florida Ahead Of Midterms

Bethany Tyne
WUSF Public Media
Sen. Bernie Sanders joined some Democratic candidates for a get out the vote rally in Tampa

In the final days before the midterm elections, high-profile politicians are paying a lot of attention to Florida, including President Donald Trump, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Former President Barack Obama.

At a rally Wednesday at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Sanders said voters in Florida will have a big impact on politics in their state and in Washington D.C.

“This election on Tuesday happens to be the most important midterm election in the modern history of our country,” he said.

Sanders joined Democrats Sean Shaw, the candidate for Attorney General, and Chris King, the running mate for gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. Sanders reminded the audience that their voices matter and their votes are crucial.

"Your views do not mean anything unless you participate in the political process and you come out to vote," Sanders said.

Shaw discussed topics like gun control, immigration and health care. He said the election isn’t just about him or other candidates, it’s about these major issues.

When the rally ended at the USF recreation center, Shaw invited the crowd to follow him next door, to the polls at the Yuengling Center -- an early voting site in Hillsborough County since Oct. 24.

Just a few hours after the event in Tampa, Trump spoke at a rally in Fort Myers, where he campaigned with the Republican nominee for governor Ron DeSantis and Gov. Rick Scott, who's running for the U.S. Senate.

Trump is set to speak at another rally in Pensacola on Saturday.

Former President Obama is also in Florida this week. In Miami on Friday, he will be joining U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson who’s running for re-election and gubernatorial candidate Gillum.

Bethany Hanson is a WUSF/USF Zimmerman School digital news reporter for spring 2018.