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Florida Matters recaps the 2023 State of the State address

A man stands at the front of a room at the podium, addressing a crowd of Florida lawmakers
Governor's Press Office
Governor Ron DeSantis addressing the Florida Legislature during the 2021 State of the State speech

With a Republican supermajority in Tallahassee, not much stands in the way of Governor Ron DeSantis and his goals.

This week on Florida Matters, DeSantis’s State of the State address kicks off the legislative session.

It's an opportunity to lay out his legislative priorities for the next 60 days. With a Republican supermajority in Tallahassee, not much stands in the way of DeSantis and his goals.

Some of the big issues up for debate include a proposal to change the rules for carrying concealed weapons, expansion of education vouchers, putting more money into affordable housing, and raising the bar for the passage of constitutional amendments.

Host Matthew Peddie talks with WUSF politics and environment reporter Steve Newborn and political analyst William March to break down those issues.

The Governor’s 114 billion dollar budget request includes money for things like teacher salary increases, water quality improvement and public safety.

But DeSantis is also backing controversial issues, including bills on transporting undocumented migrants across the U.S., limiting what can be taught in schools and universities and targeting transgender healthcare.

And looming over the session are DeSantis’s widely anticipated presidential aspirations.

You can listen to the full conversation by clicking on the “Listen” button above. Or you can listen on the WUSF app under “Programs & Podcasts.”

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