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Thomas Ouellette

WUSF Rush Family / USF Zimmerman Radio News intern

As a reporter, my passion has always been story-telling.

Whether it's presenting a research project or running a game of Dungeons & Dragons, I love pulling people in and keeping them interested with whatever I have to say.

I come from the small town of Saint Cloud, FL, and before you ask, no, I can't tell you where it is either.

I am currently a senior at the University of South Florida, entering my final semester.

During my education, I have made both TV and radio news packages for my classes, in addition to an independent enterprise story.

I completed an internship at WESH 2 News in Orlando in the summer of 2022 and learned all about the TV news industry and why it's not the place for me.

I am excited to work at WUSF and hone my craft as a reporter and storyteller.