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Florida emergency officials launch a program to help with Hurricane Ian debris removal

Applications are open for those needing help removing debris from their property or for those needing to report missing property.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management is offering assistance in debris cleanup following Hurricane Ian. Applications for the Hurricane Ian Debris Removal program are now open for those needing help removing debris from their property or for those needing to report missing property.

Residents can submit an application if they own property in an affected county. FDEM did not clarify which counties qualify as affected counties as of publishing. The program covers vegetative debris, construction and demolition debris, discarded household appliances, electronic waste and hazardous waste like paint and batteries. However, applying does not guarantee automatic approval for debris removal.

In addition to requesting debris removal, vehicles, vessels and other titled property that have gone missing due to Hurricane Ian can be reported as lost. Residents can also report debris or hazardous materials not located on their own property.

According to the program’s website, the state’s debris removal program will be paid for by a combination of insurance, FEMA reimbursement and local and state funds. Residents who receive assistance will have to provide homeowner’s insurance, if they have it, and sign a Right of Entry form. Residents can stay on their property while debris is removed, at a safe distance.

The Division advises if you are removing debris on your own from your property, to follow local guidelines and dispose of debris at approved sites. According to FDEM, there are 311 Debris Management Sites statewide, including 74 in Lee, Charlotte and Sarasota counties. So far, 4,897 miles of state roads have been cleared and 147,652 cubic yards of vegetation debris have been collected.

For more information, visit IanDebrisCleanup.com or call (850) 961-2002.