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More and more people are finding themselves living paycheck to paycheck in the greater Tampa Bay region. In some places, rent has doubled. The cost of everyday goods — like gas and groceries — keeps creeping up. All the while, wages lag behind and the affordable housing crisis looms. Amid cost-of-living increases, WUSF is focused on documenting how people are making ends meet.

Were you outbid by an investor while trying to buy a home?

A For Sale sign in a yard
Daylina Miller
Investors are buying more single-family homes than ever before.

WUSF is asking community members in the greater Tampa Bay region to share how competition from real estate investors changed their home-buying experience.

Investors are buying more single-family homes than ever before.

The share of investor-bought homes has climbed from 7 percent in 1999 to more than 25 percent in 2023 -- a two-decade high, according to data firm CoreLogic.

The data shows mega investors, or companies that own more than 1,000 properties, are most active in areas like the Tampa metro, where home prices are increasing.

With cash offers, investors can readily outbid buyers looking to purchase a single-family home.

So, WUSF wants to know: Has investor competition changed your home buying experience in the greater Tampa Bay region?

We want to hear from you. Your responses may be used in a feature series about housing in the area.

I tell stories about living paycheck to paycheck for public radio at WUSF News. I’m also a corps member of Report For America, a national service program that places journalists in local newsrooms.