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Biden plans affordable housing aid for Florida and elsewhere

President Biden spoke today in Nevada to address how he plans to bring down housing costs in Florida and across the country.

There may be hope yet for Floridians trying to find affordable housing. President Biden’s administration proposed a budget for fiscal year 2025 that includes $258 billion in housing investments, including an expansion in rental assistance for low-income families.

Deputy Secretary Adrianne Todman of Housing and Urban Development gives more details about the budget.

“That is providing funds to do everything from helping homeless veterans find a home of their own all the way to helping first-time homeowners get access to their first unit. The entire housing ecosystem,” she said.

She spoke specifically about the aid the administration hopes to offer in Florida:

“And in Florida, HUD, only HUD, we provided $251 million to help build homes and provide rental assistance in the state of Florida,” said Deputy Secretary Todman.

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Cary Barbor