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Three Cases of Dengue Fever Confirmed in Florida

James Gathany
Purdue University Public Health and Medical Entomology

The Florida Department of Health released a statement urging residents to take precautions against mosquitoes, due to three Martin and St. Lucie County residents contracting dengue fever. Locally-acquired dengue is very rare in the United States, despite over 100 million cases of the mosquito-borne disease worldwide each year. Florida Department of Health Environmental Health Director Bob Washam offers some advice on how to protect yourself.

"This disease can only be spread by the bite of the mosquito," Washam said. "So the way to avoid it is to avoid any kind of mosquito bites. And we recommend that people, if they go into areas where there are mosquitoes, wear mosquito repellant or wear proper clothing that covers all their skin."

Washam recommends people visit martincountyhealth.com for more information on the disease.