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The Florida Roundup
The Florida Roundup is a live, weekly call-in show with a distinct focus on the issues affecting Floridians. Each Friday at noon, listeners can engage in the conversation with journalists, newsmakers and other Floridians about change, policy and the future of our lives in the sunshine state.Join our host, WLRN’s Tom Hudson, broadcasting from Miami.

Access to Canadian drugs, state budget highlights and the truth behind '40 Acres and a Mule'

This undated photo, pharmaceuticals are seen in North Andover, Mass.
Elise Amendola
This undated photo, pharmaceuticals are seen in North Andover, Mass.

This week on The Florida Roundup, we discuss the company at the center of Florida’s plan to import drugs from Canada, the 2024-25 state budget, a new series exploring the legacy of the United States' broken promise in "40 Acres and a Mule," Boeing’s Starliner, torrential rains, a block on Florida’s gender-affirming care ban, and more.

Delays in Florida’s plan to import cheaper Canadian drugs 

Earlier this year, Florida became the first in the nation to receive authorization from the FDA to import certain prescription drugs from Canada. The proposal is aimed at providing Floridians with access to lower drug prices.

A company contracted by the state built a massive warehouse in Lakeland to store those medications. But the plan has stalled.


  • Jeffrey Schweers,  Tallahassee bureau reporter for the Orlando Sentinel.

State budget highlights 

Gov . Ron DeSantis signed a $116.5 billion budget this week while vetoing nearly $950 million programs and projects across the state. Among the line item vetoes was about $32 million in arts and cultural grants as well as $80 million for group health insurance for state college employees. DeSantis also slashed funding for dozens of water, drainage, sewage and other infrastructure projects around the state.


  • Gary Fineout, reporter for Politico. 

New series explores the truth behind '40 Acres and a Mule'

"40 Acres and a Mule " is seen as America’s first attempt at reparations for formerly enslaved people in the aftermath of the Civil War.

In 1865, Union General William T. Sherman issued an edict that would reserve a big swath of land along the coastline of South Carolina, Georgia and North Florida where those newly freed could live, work and govern themselves. It’s a promise that was never kept.

"Forty Acres and a Lie" is a new investigation from Reveal and the Center for Public Integrity that digs into the details of who was promised land and what happened next.


  • Alexia Fernández Campbell, senior investigative reporter at the Center for Public Integrity. 
  • Mila Rios, Pompey Jackson's great-great-granddaughter. 

Boeing Starliner 

Last week , two NASA astronauts made history on Boeing's Starliner first crewed mission. The successful launch came after several delays. Now, the return of the spacecraft to Earth from the International Space Station has been postponed.


  • Brendan Byrne, Central Florida Public Media's Assistant News Director and host of the “Are We There Yet?” podcast.  

Weekly briefing 

Much of Florida has been deluged this week, as a tropical disturbance dumped rain on the state.

Downpours brought up to 20 inches of rain over parts of South Florida , causing dangerous flooding that blocked roads and delayed flights at two of the state’s largest airports.

A federal judge this week blocked a state law and rules that restrict health care for transgender adults and children.

This week marked 8 years since a gunman killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, at the time the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Community members and families gathered for a remembrance ceremony honoring the memory of the victims.

A Black history museum in Delray Beach is coalescing Father’s Day and Juneteenth festivities to honor Black contributions.

In Clearwater, a new manatee rehabilitation facility will soon open.

Why this week’s heavy rain was good news for frog-lovers.

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