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2022 elections: Your guide to the local races across the greater Tampa Bay region

Here is a list of the U.S. House, State Senate, State House of Representatives, and key county races to be decided during the general election on Nov. 8.

The general election is coming up fast. This time, there's a race for governor of Florida, a U.S. Senate race, and county commission races, as well as constitutional revision questions and local referendums to consider.

To see your sample ballot, go to your county Supervisor of Elections website, put in your address to find your precinct, and look for information about the upcoming Nov. 8 election.

Here is a list of the state and county races across the greater Tampa Bay region:

U.S. House of Representatives

(In districts serving the greater Tampa Bay area)

District 12:

District 13:

District 14:

District 15:

District 16:

District 17:

District 18:

State Senate

(In districts serving the greater Tampa Bay area)

District 11:

District 12:

District 14:

District 16:

District 18:

District 20:

  • The general election was canceled. Boyd,Jim (REP) was elected

District 21:

District 22:

District 27:

State House of Representatives

(In districts serving the greater Tampa Bay area)

District 48: General election was canceled. Killebrew,Sam (REP) won without appearing on the ballot

District 49: General election was canceled. Bell,Melony(REP) won without appearing on the ballot

District 50:

District 51: General election was canceled. Tomkow,Josie (REP) won in the primary election

District 53:

District 54:

District 55:

District 56: General election was canceled. Yeager,Brad (REP) won the primary election

District 57: General election was canceled. Anderson,Adam(REP) won without appearing on the ballot

District 58:

District 59:

District 60:

District 61:

District 62

District 63: General election was canceled. Hart,Dianne"Dee" (DEM) won without appearing on the ballot

District 64:

District 65:

District 66:

District 67:

District 68:

District 69:

District 70:

District 71: General election was canceled. Robinson,Will(REP)  won without appearing on the ballot

District 72:

District 73:

District 74: General election was canceled. Buchanan,James (REP) won without appearing on the ballot

District 75: The general election was canceled and Grant,Michael (REP) was elected

Charlotte County

Charlotte County Charter Amendment No. 1
County Commission Review of Operations

Shall Article II, Section 2.2.D of the Charlotte County Charter be amended to
provide for the County Commission to conduct a review of all operations of the
County in conjunction with the budget process?

Charlotte County Charter Amendment No. 2
Personnel Policies for County Attorney and Director of Economic Development

Shall Article II, Section 2.3.D and F. of the Charlotte County Charter be amended to
apply the same Charter personnel policies applicable to the County Administrator to the
County Attorney and Director of Economic Development?

Charlotte County Charter Amendment No. 3
Casino Gambling

Shall the Charlotte County Charter be amended to require referendum approval to allow Casino Gambling in Charlotte County?

Charlotte County School District
Ad Valorem Millage Election

Shall the Charlotte County School District continue the current one mill ad valorem millage, beginning July 1, 2023, and ending June 30, 2027, to maintain the quality of the
public school system, to enhance school security, to recruit and retain highly effective
teachers and employees with competitive salaries, to enhance student achievement,
to provide workforce development and maintain the current increase in instructional
time with oversight by an independent citizens' committee?

Citrus County

County Commissioner District 2
Diana Finegan
Paul Grogan

School Board Member District 5
Joseph "Joe" Faherty
Linda B. Powers

Mosquito Control Board Seat 3
Joe Adams
Tracy K. Lord
Steve Pochis

DeSoto County

DeSoto County Commissioner District 1
Jerod Gross (REP)
Kandis Drymon (DEM)

Hardee County

School Board Member, District 4
Marie Albritton Dasher
Garry McWhorter

Referendum to Dissolve the Hardee County Independent Indigent Health Care Board
Shall the Hardee County Independent Indigent Health Care Board be dissolved which would eliminate the authority to levy ad valorem taxes for the purpose of providing indigent health care in Hardee County?

Highlands County

County Commissioner District 4
Arlene Tuck (REP)
Chantel Parris (DEM)

Hernando County

School Board District 1
Kay Hatch
Mark C. Johnson

School Board District 5
Susan D. Duval
Monty Floyd

Optional ½ cent Sales Surtax Referendum
To enhance the quality of life for Hernando County's residents, shall Hernando County levy a 1/2-cent sales tax, the proceeds of which shall be exclusively used to reduce traffic congestion, to construct and improve roadways, and to create and improve parks and other recreational facilities, with Hernando County's use of the proceeds to be subject to citizen oversight?

Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners

District 1:
Scott D. Levinson (REP)
Harry Cohen (DEM)

District 2:
Ken Hagan (REP)
Angela Birdsong (DEM)

District 5:
Donna Cameron Cepeda (REP)
Mariella Smith (DEM)

District 7:
Joshua Wostal (REP)
Kimberly Overman (DEM)

County Judge Group 14
Melissa Black
Mike Isaak

Soil and Water Conservation District Group 2
Ryan Gill
Kim "Klarc" O'Connor

Soil and Water Conservation District Group 3
David Maynard
Adam Young

Hillsborough County Referendum

Funding for Countywide Transportation Improvements by Levy of One Percent Sales Surtax
Should transportation improvements be funded throughout Hillsborough County, including Tampa, Plant City, Temple Terrace, Brandon, Riverview, Carrollwood, and Town ‘n’ Country, including projects that:

  • Build and widen roads
  • Fix roads and bridges
  • Expand public transit options
  • Fix potholes
  • Enhance bus services
  • Improve intersections
  • Make walking and biking safer

By levying a 1% sales surtax for 30 years and funds deposited in an audited trust fund with citizen oversight?

Manatee County

County Commissioner District 2
Amanda Ballard (REP)
Reggie Bellamy (DEM)

County Commissioner District 4
Michael C. Rahn (REP)

County Commissioner District 6 (At-Large)
Jason Bearden (REP)

School Board District 2
Harold E. Byrd, Jr.
Cindy Spray

Economic Development Tax Referendum

Economic Development Ad Valorem Tax Exemptions
Shall the Board of County Commissioners of this county be authorized to grant, pursuant to section 3, article VII of the state constitution, property tax exemptions to new businesses and expansions of existing businesses that are expected to create new, full-time jobs in the county?

Pasco County

Pasco County Commissioner District 4:
Gary Bradford (REP)
(write-in candidate)

School Board Member District 1
Al Hernandez
James Washington

Pasco County Referendum

2025 Penny for Pasco
To Fund Job Creation, Public Safety, Environmental Lands, Education and Infrastructure Shall a one-cent sales surtax continue to be levied, beginning in 2025 and continuing through 2039, and shared among Pasco County Schools (45%), Pasco County (45%), and Pasco's cities (10%) for: job creation and economic development projects (pursuant to Section 212.055(2)(d)3, Florida Statutes); public safety infrastructure; acquiring environmentally sensitive lands; infrastructure for new schools, renovations, additions, athletics, instructional technology and security; parks and recreation infrastructure; transportation infrastructure; and public infrastructure within the cities?

Pinellas County

Board of County Commissioners

District 2 (At-Large)
Brian Scott (REP)
Patricia "Pat" Gerard (DEM)

County Judge Group 1
Delia Cope
Megan Roach

School Board Member

District 3-At Large
Keesha Benson
Dawn Peters

District 6-Single Member
Brian M. Martin
Stephanie Meyer

Pinellas Suncoast Fire and Rescue District Referendum Question

Referendum to Approve a New Pinellas Suncoast Fire and Rescue District Ad Valorem Tax
To improve fire, emergency medical, and rescue services, including but not limited to construction and improvements to new and existing fire stations and facilities, and the purchase of apparatus and equipment shall the District be authorized to levy an annual ad valorem tax at a millage rate not to exceed 0.67 mills ($0.67 for every $1,000.00 of taxable value), with the authorized millage currently being 0 mills?

Polk County

County Commissioner, District 4
Martha Santiago (REP)
Markeishia Smith (DEM)

County Court Judge, Group 8
John Flynn
Ruth Moracen Knight

School Board, District 7
Lisa Miller
Jill Sessions

County Referendum

No. 1 Referendum, Article VII, Section 12 and Article VIII, Section 1
Acquisition and Management of Water Resources and Environmental Lands Bond Referendum
To acquire, preserve, protect, manage, or restore, water resources, environmental lands and important fish and wildlife habitat, shall Polk County levy an additional 0.20 mill ad valorem tax and issue bonds payable therefrom in one or more series in an aggregate principal amount not exceeding $75 million, excluding previously-authorized indebtedness, maturing no later than 20 years from date of issuance of such bonds, bearing interest not exceeding the maximum lawful rate?

Charter Amendment

No. 1 Charter Amendment, Section 8.4
Charter amendment to reduce expenses to Polk County by increasing the time between Charter Review Commissions from every 8 years to every 12 years.

Shall the above described amendment be adopted?

Sarasota County

County Commissioner, District 2
Mark Smith (REP)
Fredd "Glossie" Atkins (DEM)

County Commissioner, District 4
Joseph Neunder (REP)
Daniel Kuether (DEM)

County Judge, Group 1
Phyllis Rogers Galen-unopposed

County Judge, Group 3
MaryAnn Olson Boehm-unopposed

County Judge Group 5
Erika Nikla Quartermaine

School Board, District 1
Bridget Ziegler-elected

School Board, District 4
Robyn A. Marinelli-elected

School Board, District 5
Timothy Enos-elected

County Referendum

Continues Funding for Local Improvements Through Renewal of One-Cent Sales Tax; Maintains Citizen Oversight Committees
To improve public safety, protect water quality and the environment, reduce traffic congestion, and fund projects relating to local schools, parks, libraries, and other community needs, should the current one-cent sales tax, paid by visitors and residents, be continued through December 31, 2039? The Citizen Tax Oversight Committees will continue to oversee all expenditures and a 4/5ths vote of the County Commission is required to modify county projects or allocations.

County Bond Referendum

Accelerate Community Projects Through Issuance of Voter-Approved One-Cent Sales Tax Bonds
To reduce inflation costs and accelerate projects funded by one-cent sales tax proceeds, shall Sarasota County be authorized to issue bonds payable from such proceeds in a total principal amount not to exceed four hundred million dollars, maturing by December 31, 2039, bearing interest not exceeding the maximum lawful rate, in addition to bonds issued within the limitations of section 5.2D of the Charter? Bonds are dependent on approval of one-cent sales tax renewal above.

County Charter Amendments

Question One - Charter Amendment to Amend Section 7.1 Charter Petition Procedures
Shall the Charter be revised to add requirements for a petition form, legal sufficiency review, fiscal impact statement, and a presentation to the Charter Review Board for all charter amendment petitions, as well as requiring 10% of registered voters from each district to sign the petition rather than 10% of registered voters countywide?

Question Two - Charter Amendment to Avoid Charter Amendment Conflicts with the Constitution, General Law or the Charter
Shall the Charter be amended to clarify that proposed Charter amendments shall not conflict with the Florida Constitution, general law, or the Charter?

Sumter County

North Sumter County Utility Dependent District, Seat 3
Ellen "Ellie" Decker
Thomas Hosken

North Sumter County Utility Dependent District, Seat 5
Matthew Friedland
Daniel Warren

Statewide races

The big election statewide this year will pit RepublicanGov. Ron DeSantis against Democrat and former Gov. Charlie Crist.

U.S. Senate:
Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of South Florida is looking to retain his seat for another six years. His main opponent is Democrat Val Demings, a former Orlando police chief.

Attorney General:
Tampa Republican Ashley Moody is looking to be re-elected to the state's top legal post. She'll face the winner of the Democratic primary: Aramis Ayala of Orlando.

Chief Financial Officer:
Incumbent Republican Jimmy Patronis of Panama City is looking to be re-elected against Democrat Adam Hattersleyof Tampa.

Commissioner of Agriculture:
The winner of this contest will replace incumbent Democrat Nikki Fried, who made an unsuccessful bid in the primary for governor.

The main candidates are Republican Wilton Simpson of Pasco County — the current state Senate president and Democrat Naomi Esther Blemur of North Miami.

State Attorney, Circuit Judge, and Public Defender races can be found on the Florida Department of State website.

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