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Tampa Strip Club Owner Sues For Right To Grow Marijuana Plants

Cherie Diez
Tampa Bay Times

Tampa strip club owner Joe Redner is challenging the state’s medical marijuana laws in court, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

In his lawsuit, Redner claims the state is not following the will of the public, which voted last year to pass a constitutional amendment.

Redner, a lung cancer patient, wants to grow his own marijuana plants, but rules ban the growing of cannabis plants for personal use — including those legally registered as medical marijuana patients.

Specifically, Redner wants to grow his own marijuana plants.

But under Florida Department of Health rules, Floridians are barred from growing cannabis plants for their personal use, including those who are legally registered as medical marijuana patients.

Redner's lawsuit is challenging those rules.

Lawmakers have limited the selling and growing of marijuana to seven companies, the Times reported.

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