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Report: Florida Cities Among Those With Smallest Wage Gap


You've probably heard the statistic: For every dollar a man earns, a woman doing comparable work makes only 77 cents. That goes for full-time, year-round employees.

But a new study shows that the wage gap can grow or shrink depending on where you live. According to a report from the Institute for Women's Policy Research, Florida is home to three of the metro areas where women's pay come closest to that of men--albeit still not equal.

Check out the top 10. The numbers represent women's pay as a percentage of men's pay.  

  1. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, California: 91.4
  2. Fresno, California: 89.1
  3. North Port-Bradenton-Sarasota: 87.5
  4. Las Vegas-Paradise, Nevada: 87.0
  5. Stockton, California: 87.0
  6. McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas: 86.5
  7. El Paso, Texas: 85.6
  8. San Antonio-New Braunfels, Texas: 85.5
  9. Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach: 85.4
  10. Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater: 84.8

Of course, nearly-equal pay doesn't necessarily mean good pay.
"A low-wage gap can just mean shared misery," Ariane Hegewisch, a study director for the Institute for Women's Policy Research, told USA Today. The article points out another sobering fact: 

Many of these areas have a higher concentration of low-wage jobs in sectors such as maintenance and food preparation, which also tend to pay women and men more equitably. 

April 9 was Equal Pay Day, which represents how far into the year women would have to work in order to catch up to what their male counterparts earned the previous year.

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