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Carnival Cruise Ships Collide At Cozumel Port

The Carnival Glory sustained damage to its stern during the collision. CREDIT: CHRISTIAN MAXEY (TWITTER)

Six people received minor injuries when two cruise ships, including one traveling out of Tampa, collided near the port of Cozumel, Mexico.

Video from travelers shows the stern - or back - of the Carnival Glory turning slowly and striking the bow - or front - of the Carnival Legend.

There was also concern that the Glory was going to hit the nearby Oasis of the Seas, but that did not happen.

CAUTION: The following video contains profanity

A statement from Carnival Cruise Line said Carnival Glory was maneuvering to dock when it made contact with Carnival Legend.

The company said both ships are being assessed for damage, but neither suffered issues that affect their ability to travel.

“We are assessing the damage but there are no issues that impact the seaworthiness of either ship,” Carnival officials said in a release. “We have advised guests from both ships to enjoy their day ashore in Cozumel.”

One guest on the Glory suffered a minor injury when a group was being evacuated from a dining room on Decks 3 and 4, the company said in a release. Five more guests later went to the Glory's medical center for evaluation of minor injuries, according to the release. 

The Legend, which can carry more than two thousand passengers, departed out of Tampa on Sunday and is expected to return this Sunday.

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