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When the Trevor Project, a nonprofit that provides crisis support to LGBTQ+ youth, asked young people what brings them joy, some of their answers included “Happy LGBT Elders,” “Queer role models” and “Learning I’m not alone." A number of proposed anti-LGTBQ bills has many younger queer people on edge, and we hope to highlight individuals they can look up to and see themselves becoming in this occasional series.

Photos: A Pride event for older LGBTQ+ Floridians draws hundreds in Sarasota

The second year of Silver Pride in Sarasota by Project Pride SRQ, Senior Friendship Centers, and Golden Girls Solutions drew more than 700 attendees, most of whom were 50 or older.

This year’s Silver Pride event at the Sarasota Senior Friendship Center attracted more than 700 attendees, most of whom were 50 or older — the target audience of the event.

The event aims to address the unique needs of aging members of the LGBTQ+ community and foster community for the older population during a month that largely caters to younger queer people.

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Attendees enjoyed drag performances, vendors and organizations that offer resources to older LGBTQ+ Floridians, as well as a special celebration of couples who have been together for decades.

Last year’s Silver Pride event drew about 500 people, and garnered Project Pride SRQ and Senior Friendship Centers an honorable mention in the 2023 Programs of Excellence “Modernizing Senior Centers Innovation” category from the National Institute of Center Centers.

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