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Daylina Miller

Multimedia Journalist

I took my first photography class when I was 11. My stepmom begged a local group to let me into the adults-only class, and armed with a 35 mm disposable camera, I started my journey toward multimedia journalism.

Now I’m WUSF’s multimedia reporter, creating photos, videos, audiograms and more to complement our news coverage.

While my visual journalism spans from phosphate mines to cute, COVID-sniffing dogs, I’m particularly interested in mental health coverage as someone who has long been open about my own struggles with depression, anxiety and ADHD.

As a nonbinary person (they/them pronouns, please), I’m also interested in redefining how news outlets cover the transgender community, a vulnerable population with much misinformation circulating about us.

In my free time, I play tabletop games and video games (message me to visit the radio station I’ve built on my Animal Crossing island!), collect ethically sourced taxidermy bugs, and add to the Pokemon card collection I started as a child in the '90s.

Contact Daylina at 813-974-8629, on instagram at @DaylinaMillerPhotography or by email at daylinamiller@wusf.org