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Fewer than half of Florida 10th-graders passed the state English exam in 2022

Chart listing schools by county, grade, number of students, and percentage of those with passing grades.
Florida Department of Education
A screenshot of the Florida Department of Education webpage shows the results of the 2022 English Language Arts exam for 10th-graders

The 49% pass rate was down from 51% in 2021.

Fewer than half of Florida's 10th-graders passed the English Language Arts Exam given in the spring of 2022, a decline from 2021, according to the state Department of Education.

Results from the Florida Standards Assessments in 2022 show that 49 percent of 10th-graders statewide received what the Department of Education calls a "satisfactory" score of 3 or higher on the ELA test.

Fifty-one percent — or about 103,000 Florida high schoolers — did not pass. That's 2 percentage points worse than last year, when 49 percent did not pass.

Less than a third of 10th-graders received a score of 4 or 5, meaning they showed "proficiency” or “mastery” of concepts like grammar, reading and writing.

Under the FSA system, students needed a passing score in 10th-grade English Language Arts to get a high school diploma.

The FSA is being phased out this year to make room for a new system based on progress monitoring, called the Florida Assessment of Student Thinking, or FAST.

The final of three tests, administered in the spring, will be used to meet graduation requirements.

Click here for more test results by year and a school-by-school breakdown.

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