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Florida colleges are told not to cancel graduation amid Palestine protests

A student holds a diploma.
A student holds a diploma.

A memo was sent to Florida’s 12 public universities and colleges urging them to use any means necessary to keep grads and their families safe. 

The State University System of Florida has sent a memo to Florida’s public universities urging them to ensure graduation ceremonies aren’t canceled or disrupted.

The action comes as pro-Palestine encampments and rallies continue on college campuses throughout the country.

The memo was sent to all 12 of Florida’s public universities and colleges.

In it, Chancellor Ray Rodrigues said that schools should not cancel or modify commencement ceremonies due to protesters.

“While we respect and honor the First Amendment, a commencement ceremony is not the time nor place to hold a political protest,” Rodrigues wrote in the memo.

The letter authorizes schools to take any steps necessary to ensure the safety of attendees at these ceremonies.

Schools are required to inform students, staff and guests that protests, discrimination or harassment of any kind won’t be tolerated.

Florida law requires educational institutions to ensure programming is free from discrimination on the basis of race, religion or national origin.

Last week, Gov. Ron DeSantis said students who harassed Jewish students during rallies for Gaza would be expelled, or deported.

This week, he advocated for Jewish students on campuses throughout the country, to transfer to Florida schools, if they’re experiencing antisemitism due to protests and encampments.

Read the memo here:

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Danielle Prieur