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The Florida Roundup
Fridays at 12 p.m.

Each week, The Florida Roundup brings us up to speed on all things Florida- be it politics, the environment, the economy, culture and more. Join host Tom Hudson for lively discussion with newsmakers, journalists and you! Email the program radio@TheFloridaRoundup.org

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  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we discuss how a new state law is eliminating public unions that had represented tens of thousands of workers. And six years later, we remember the Parkland 17 and look at how March For Our Lives has impacted the NRA. Plus, we hear about a Florida man stealing the Super Bowl spotlight and another Florida man who did something no one else has done in a Super Bowl — and now is going to the Hall of Fame.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we talk about a proposal to prohibit children 16 and under from creating social media accounts, how Florida’s National and State Guards are being used at the U.S. Southern border, this week’s Florida Supreme Court hearings over the abortion ballot measure, education stories, and a new Florida tax for Netflix subscribers.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we discussed the debate between Gov. Ron DeSantis and California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and then heard what Floridians and Southern Californians thought about the showdown. We also discuss some of the state's major education stories. Plus, a Florida distillery will bottle a new signature rum from The Rolling Stones.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we discuss some of the biggest challenges to stabilizing Florida’s insurance market, calls for the head of the state’s Republican Party to step down and the Florida Democrats' decision to cancel its presidential primary. Plus, a collection of environmental stories from across Florida.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we spoke with Florida Senate President Kathleen Passidomo about her priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Then, we talked about free speech on Florida campuses, an update on a developing storm, and two stories at the intersection of water and health.
  • While heat seems top of mind, state leaders did not respond to it with the same intensity of a tropical storm or hurricane, said a panel of journalists speaking on the Florida Roundup.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we look back at some of the biggest Sunshine State stories of 2023, including: Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign (01:44) and other political news (10:27); changes in public education (19:11); record heat (37:10); Hurricane Idalia and rising home insurance rates (40:46).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we discussed the proposed amendment to shift to partisan school board races in Florida. Then, we discussed the push to get abortion rights and recreational marijuana on the 2024 ballot. Plus, we also caught up on some recent health and environmental news stories from across the state.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we discussed Gov. DeSantis’ State of the State address, Florida’s plan to import prescription drugs from Canada, condo reforms and the new chairman of the Florida Republican Party. Plus, an update on winter storms and recent education news. Finally, we ask: is it “Sani-belle” or “San-a-bull”?
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we discuss the state's kratom industry, the battle between former President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis, how federal lawsuits are challenging the way real estate agents have been paid for decades, and why some lawmakers consider changing Florida’s official state bird.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we discuss how the U.S. population is expected to get older, Florida’s rapidly aging coastal communities, how Gov. DeSantis’ move away from the presidential race will impact state politics, how the governor’s return impacts Florida’s Republican Party, and a briefing on recent legislative news.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we discuss proposed changes to the state’s child labor laws, the current state of journalism and American democracy, houselessness in Florida, a new Orlando-area volleyball team, and a new documentary exploring how Black baseball players built a brand of baseball out of segregation and into a worldwide pastime.