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Young woman with dark, curly hair and glasses poses in front of blurred trees.

Ari Herrera

WUSF Stephen Noble Digital News intern

My experiences as a first-generation American and writer have been shaped by the desire to communicate beyond physical and linguistic barriers. I’ve since learned that physical displacement is no match for the will of those who have an emboldened desire to understand.

As an undergraduate Psychology and English Creative Writing student at the University of South Florida, I’ve challenged these communicative barriers by valuing the accessibility of digital media as a versatile tool for critical dialogue.

These underrepresented narratives and histories are crucial for me to represent in my own journalistic work, in due part, to my early exposure and engagement with NPR. It was a WLRN Miami videographer who I met during a class visit who motivated these initial curiosities with digital media, inspiring the enduring exploration of diverse identities in my short films, poetry, and other professional work.

Now, as a senior at USF and Digital News intern at WUSF, I look forward to applying my multi-discipline background towards meaningful journalistic content. I feel incredibly privileged to work alongside other professionals who also believe in the impact of centering rich community stories.