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Because it’s strange and beautiful and hot, people from everywhere converge on Florida and they bring their cuisine and their traditions with them. The Zest celebrates the intersection of food and communities in the Sunshine State.

The Olive Grove brings a taste of Tuscany to Brooksville

Woman smiling into the camera with bottles of olive oil on a table

There's more to this place than just olives.

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To get a gallon of the freshest olive oil, you could grab your passport, pack a suitcase and fly more than 5,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean from the Sunshine State to Tuscany.

Or you could drive to Brooksville—as in, Brooksville, Florida. The quiet Hernando County town is prized for its bike trails and camping sites. Brooksville is also home to The Olive Grove—yes, that’s the official name. It’s a property owned by husband and wife Cambren and Dede Davis.

The Zest’s host Dalia Colón and brand manager Alexandria Ebron recently visited The Olive Grove for a tour. As you’ll discover if you visit, olives are only the beginning. In addition to selling freshly pressed olive oil and other olive products, The Olive Grove is also an event space, concert venue, Airbnb and farm. If you’re lucky, you just might get to name one of the resident chickens.

The Davises’ property is among a growing number of olive groves in the Sunshine State. To learn more about the challenges and opportunities of olive oil production in Florida, check out Dalia’s article in the summer 2024 issue of Forum, the magazine of Florida Humanities.

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